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Gregory Alan Isakov - Virginia May

Slept high up in the Rockies
Set my clock for Californ-i-ey-aye
And I dreamed up somethin' special to give that ocean
Man, she cuffs me anyway

So I'm banking on Virginia
To keep me calm and clear and straight
Just like clock work seems to tell us
With every passing storm there's just a harder hail

So light my way, Virginia May
I can't sit still, just pace across this hallway
We spent all this time
Just trading crimes
While the tune-smith packed a lunch
He's headed down the coastline

There's a loneliness that's blowin'
Well I heard it from the radio man
He's been locked up in the belfry
Listening close to a string upon a can

Me, I'm sailin' on to that savior
She's a pilgrim living on the modern time
And ever since I found her magic
Now every car or cloud that passes is a sign

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