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Gregory Alan Isakov - Dandelion Wine

Summer days were just a magazine
A magazine
A magazine

Cutting grass for gasoline
For gasoline
So I can see you soon

Fall swooned
Left me drunk in a field
Dandelion wine for a year

And I packed up the dust
Of all that I owned
Handkerchief hung from a pole

I rolled out the day that the apples fell

In the lyrically short opener of This Empty Northern Hemisphere, Isakov quotes “Dandelion Wine” as the song he spent the longest writing. In an interview at Colorado Folks Festival 2010, he said: “You know, I had this first part of the song…for months, and like the song would just stop…and then I got the rest of the song, like, 3 months later, in one day, and I was like, ‘alright, cool, it’s done’.”

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