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GoldLink - Got Friends

[Chorus: Miguel]
She said...
All of my bitches got friends, yeah
All of my bitches got friends
And they bad, they bad, so we good
It's enough for the clique, word
All of my bitches got friends
You don't need to pick, nah
All of my bitches got friends

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Look, I ain't really gotta rap about it, I just talk about it 'cause I live it now
So let me tell you 'bout this PYT, that I seen this week, I had to take a bow
5'2" with a brown fur and her hair tied with them light eyes
And she would make me throw it all away for a fun time and the right prize
Bad as fuck, ass fatter than an hammer truck ask her, prolly keep my hammer tucked
The type to slide 'em down and then the panties stuck
I'll run 'em up, wanna kick it with you, get a house and a picket with you
Pop up on you at your work place, not your birthday
Just to let them niggas know I'm buildin' with you
Your best friend, always comin' through with that Macaulay Culkin when you're home alone
And I ain't even tryna dog you out but can you feed a nigga just a little bone?
One of you, one of me, you and me
We make three or maybe four, and just two more just to even score
Step to her, had to play chess, had to hit her with the full press
Then I told her I'd do anything just to chat with her for a quick sec'
Let it sit, let it process, then she went and said, "Sure, yes"
Whispered in her ear and told her, "Baby I want less drama and more sex," but

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