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Glocca Morra - professional confessional

Why do you skip through the parts you don’t like? that is the wrong way to live your life. you get by when you feel like you. i get by when i can and i can not see you. i can not see myself: long night with a lot to do. it’s fucking better you’re sleeping. i force my hand through a breakaway glass. clean up and a cigarette to share when we get bored. i look straight through your eyes and then back to the floor. sever it is better. the wet clothes, the black eyes, the black hole. morning is a mouthful. take it with a step stool. tie around a good one easier to cut through. i dug my fingers into a hole. i like the feeling when you never know when to go. digging in deeper. losing more sleep, for twoYou might also like

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