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Gizmo - Holy Ghost

Talk old days when the rain won't stop
When you step into my parlor then you gotta get shocked
At my lightning bolt, so watch on where you walk
In a second I can met you - make a mess - I'll need a mop

Underneath all of these sediments
They're the ones that tell me dirty and been claiming a nemesis
I am the motherfucking Genesis
I was the first one to write in The Album of Venomous

I might just come with the fire
I'mma run and fuckin' plan it for my own and then retire
Cut up my veins up and rewire
I'mma be the only one living when everybody is expired

Cut up your fingers and toes
Now you take a pose
You're looking at the Holy Ghost

Cut up your fingers and toes
Now you take a pose
You're looking at the Holy Ghost

Fuck all my days gone, and all of my nights
Wish I knew how I waste those - I've lost my mind
Wait until I see my halo - this light too bright
Get the fuck out my face hoe, I don't need a bitch here to blow up my high
[Bill $aber]
Look where I lost it
Been chillin' wit Martians
And burnin' some crosses
Yo shit make me nauseous
You ain’t wit the forces
Nigga croak if you froggy
Decipher the supper
Don’t search for a lover
Let me rot in my dungeon
Everybody got guns but they don’t want war
Everybody can fly but they don’t wanna soar
Niggas talk shit, in my face act sweet
You’d take your life from the shit I see
Shoot em in the face till they can’t ID
Death all around everywhere I peep
Lost, and I ain’t right
Frost, when I make life
Creep in the dark, cause I burn in the daylight
Charge a bitch for my dick, cause ain’t shit free
And sell a feature to her boyfriend for the same price
Niggas faking round want my shine (why nigga why)
Send a couple bullets through your spine (die nigga die)
Bakin' niggas like a fuckin' apple pie (fry nigga fry)
Tuggin' at your soul, I let my demons pry (pry nigga pry)

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