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Giggs - Peligro

[Intro: Giggs]
Yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Let's start it off like this, nice and easy

[Verse 1: Giggs]
Confer with the linguo
Weed smoke, but don't open the window
Light up, man's smokin' the Indo
Click-clack, door open and bingo
Two straps, named Jimbo and Ringo
Pink top, I stepped out in flamingo
Big boss, I stepped out with a bimbo
And I hate to lose, but feels nice when you win though
I clocked the damage
English boy just came through, nigga, what's the panic?
Clocked the "what the fuck"s and nigga clocked the "dammit!"s
Fuck that geezer, fuck that game and fuck that marriage
Man's just cheeky, man's just neeky, plus embarrassed
Why's he even speaking or discussing talent?
Man can't even breathe in his disgusting palace
Man can't even leave when niggas buck that ballad
Better aim for respect, cuz
Aim for the cheque, blud, better aim for the neck, cuz
Just take out a next yout, then take out a next one
Eat up a man's food, then eat up a next one
Lost the strap? Then take up a next gun
You're about as fake as the next yout, and he's as fake as the next one
I just switched that whip, I gotta bait up a next one
I just make me a hit, and make up a next one

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