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Ghostface Killah - One

[intro: ghostface, (big trife)]
Yo, yeah {"new ghostface!"}
Yeah, to glorious days {"one"}
Yeah god, check it out y'all
We back, yes yes y'all {"one"}
(fake roller derbies)
Yeah, masked avengers
We're here to sharpen your sword {"one"}
All praises due to T. M. F., wu-tang clan
Scream on it, ghost

Eh yo, we at the weedgate, waitin for jake
We want eight ravioli bags, two thirsty villians yelling belly aches {"one"}
Heavyweight rhyme writers hittin the grass
Stash the right bitch, pull out his kite from this white bitch {"one"}
Talkin bout, "dear ghost, you the only nigga I know
Like when the cops come, you never hide your toast" {"one"}
Guests started mashing, cvl, ice water battlion
Past tense place to gold caskets {"one"}
Dru hill bitches, specialist loungin at the mosk
Suede cufy, rabbi come dig up a dentist {"one"}
Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target
When the narc's hit, rumor is you might start to spit {"one"}
You nice lord, sweet daddy grace, wind lifted
On the dancefloor, mangos is free followed by ghost {"one"}
Dug behind monument cakes, we never half-baked
Alaskan, cess-capade, pushin new court dates {"one"}
Trauma, hands is like candy canes, lay my balls on ice
Branches in my weed be the vein {"one"}
Swimsuit issue, darts sent truly from the heart, boo, I miss you
See that he rock a wrist, dude {"one"}
Moder-en slave god, graveyard spells, fog your goggles
Layin like needles in the hospital {"one"}
Five steps to concer, ax vernon debt, big ass whistle
Ziploc your ear, here thistle {"one"}

[t. M. F. - both]
To my real bitches take your draws off
To all my high niggas, snatch her skirt off {"one"}
Just in case she wanna play, get up in that bitch face
And tell her ghost said, "take your clothes off!" {"one"}

Eh yo, the devil planted fear inside the black babies
Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {"one"}
Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts
Fast from the heart y'all, and grow up {"one"}

Eh yo, crash thru, break the glass, tony with the goalie mask
That's the pass, heavy ice rollin, layin on the grass {"one"}
Love the grass, colliflower hurtin when I dumped the trash
Sour mad surgeon, every glass up at the wally bash {"one"}
Sun splash, autographed lesson with your name slashed
Backdraft, four powders, screamin with the pearly hats {"one"}
Children fix the contrast as the sound clashes
Misses dash, sprinkle wit her icsicle eye lashes {"one"}
Ask coward pendergrass for backstage passes
Special guest, no more johnny blaze, johnny mattress {"one"}
Acrobat, run up on that love jones actress
Distract that cat while I'm hot sugar get a crack at this {"one"}
Dickin down oprah, jump rope, david think he's rasta
Black man, dc hit to mocha {"one"}
Two tangerine sofa, two super soakers in the rover
Hit the sport's bar, tell a young lady to bend over {"one"}
Meditated yoga, powder ball, dancin with the vulture
Pastor troy layin for travolta {"one"}
Yo, switch the lingo, five-nine-seventy
God glow, seven-fifteen, fall be heavenly {"one"}

Eh yo, the devil planted fear inside the black babies
Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {"one"}
Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts
Fast from the heart y'all, and grow up {"one"}

[outro: ghostface, (trey-mack), ]
Eh yo, wu-tang clan, T. M. F. In the motherfuckin joint
We all connect as {"one"}
(aw shit, baby) straight up and down y'all
(staple-town, y'all) yo, how many girls you gotta fuck, yo? {"one"}
(ah-hah, knowi'msayin? Trey-mack, what?)
How many nuts you might bust? {"one"}
Haha, straight up and down
(how many shots?) {"one"}
(that's it) word up
How many cakes we bake, y'all? {"one"}
(yo, yo, yo) {"one"}
(aw shit, haha) {"one"}

On “One”, Ghost rides Juju’s production to give a raunchy and vivid illustration of the hood. This vision of the hood follows his jail time in Rikers Island. This song is also full of allusions to his aspirations, and views of his own musical prowess. “You Roam When You Don’t Get It At Home”, by The Sweet Inspirations was sampled for this song.

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