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G-Eazy - Let's Get Lost (feat. Devon Baldwin)

[Hook: Devon Baldwin]
Take me down
Take me all the way down tonight, soon I'll be leaving
Break me down
Break me all the way down, before the night is over
Let's get lost, Let's get lost
Let's get lost, Let's get lost

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
What it is, what it could be?
My imagination runs fast
Only if you comin' with me
4 AM staying up past
Or however long these drugs last
Don't know why I live so fast
They be telling me to slow down
I be screaming out "fuck that!"
I really wanna take you down
Moaning is how I wanna make you sound
Can't wait until I get you home
Fuck that I wanna take you now
Let’s do it all - have a ball
Hook up tonight in the ladies' room stall
Follow you there I'll let you make the call
You can text all your friends say you'll see them tomorrow
That's if you're down
She never fucked the first night until now
Let me, plow
Faded, I'm drunk off the brown
Stayed up all night on the town
Act like tomorrow just doesn't exist
Time isn't real ain't shit on my wrists
Let go of everything then you have bliss
Then she told me this

Released on April 29th, 2014 alongside the pre-order for G-Eazy’s second studio album "These Things Happen", “Let’s Get Lost” marks the fifth collaboration between Gillum and Bay Area songstress Devon Baldwin. Detailing the romantic escapades of G-Eazy, the song’s lyrics center around a one-night hookup while on tour.

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