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Future - Trillionaire (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

[Intro: Future & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
I was so high out my mind, I thought I wasn't gon' see tomorrow
Stayin' ten toes down with my head up (Woah)
Teezy on the beat (Teezy on the beat)
Mafia the dream, we just gon' chase it
I was talkin' to, um, I was talkin' to Slime when I said, um
I think I asked him do he think, do he think I could do seven
Then he said "Bro, you fuckin', is you fuckin' crazy?" That nigga said, "Hell yeah"
Then he said some other shit behind that

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Future]
Reportin' straight out of the slums (Slums)
From rags to riches, I got me some bitches and I changed up how I come (Come)
In a drought when your pockets got mumps (Mumps)
These niggas believin' in nothin'
Ran up my sack, you know I ain't dumb
Wherever I'm goin', I pull up with somethin' (Doot-doot-doot)
38, Atlanta, Lil Haiti (Haiti)
Where I'm from, it's hard to make it (Make it)
I'll never let 'em take it (Take it)
Grammys, I was nominated (Woah)
Told that bitch that I'm leavin', so face it (Face it)
Get a new ho and have me a baby (Baby)
Out the jungle, I conquered and made it (I made it)
It still don't feel like I'm famous (Famous)

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