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Future - Thought It Was A Drought

Dirty soda, Spike Lee
White girl, Ice T
Fully loaded AP, yeah

I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops
I just had some bitches and I made 'em lip lock
I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out
We got purple Actavis, I thought it was a drought

[Verse 1]
Bitch, I'ma choose the dirty over you
You know I ain't scared to lose you
They don't like it when you're telling the truth
I'd rather be realer than you
I had to make me a cot
Now I called a contractor to make me a spot
I sold the dope out your house
Now you come to my house, I've got dope in the couch
You know I don't fuck with no rumors
Rocking red bottoms like they Pumas
Got these meds on me, I'ma do 'em
I take these pills and I'm having a thrill
Taking prescription's a hell of a feeling
As for the xanny, I never forgot it
Got 'em begging to call up my phone tryna have a menage
Gotta put up the cash, can't even stay in the house
Cause there’s too much to hide
Whip the four to a nine, gotta pay up the rent, I was too far behind
Fuck I'm too out of time, fuck 'em two at a time
Had to do what I had to do to get where I'm at, niggas know I ain't lying
Niggas know I ain't lying
It's a lot on my mind, it's a lot on my plate
But I never complain
I was working the weight like I came out the gym
I never did train
Put the girl on a train
Strapped a bird on her back, now she came back with change, ayy

“Thought It Was A Drought” kicks off the DS2 album where Future speaks on his love for cough syrup, speaks on his drug-dealing come-up & successes, while subtly dropping hints towards his break-up with Ciara. In this case, the “drought” is the lack of Actavis cough syrup since it was removed from the market following its numerous references in music. Future isn’t experiencing the drought because he’s well-connected.

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