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Future - Ridin Strikers

Riding strikers
Hotbox shit, gonna hotbox (Pluto)
I'm gonna cut 'em (You got somethin' to bring)

Riding strikers good, yeah
Riding strikers through the hood
Riding strikers through your hood (Ridin' strikers through), yeah
Ridin' strikers through your hood, yeah
Fuck a title, you got that rifle, you need to ride striker
Go for the Ferrari, a Spider, man, I had to ride striker
I taught my young niggas how to slide, go and get a striker
I put my young bitch in a G-Wag' she ridin' striker

I go to Jamaica then tag 'em with a hundred snipers
I dip the ice and go (Woo), I step out icy, frozen (Woo)
I hit professional (Woo), I have déjà vu, I know (Woo)
I'm gettin' my decimals (Woo), I'm going digital
Spazzin' in Jimmy Choo, bagged up plentiful
Tell me how I'm supposed to be sober in my interview (sober)
Last night I was growing up (I was in Fendi too)
Took flight, I've been going up (That's a ritual)
Passport and we going up like some animals
Addied up and I'm gassed up, change the temperature
Triple rows, tall hoes, they identical
Minute Maid, Hi-Tech splash (Goin' crazy)
Drug raids got me cold, got me cocky (Ahh)
Can't stand it, won't enjoy life if it ain't toxic
Cuban links, walking on ice, I don't play hockey
I was trained standin' on Front Street and I'm saucy
High profile superstar, codeine coughing
Cop a Porsche, cop a Range Rover, it's King Jaffe
Kick a door, smokin' sherm sticks, take Oxys
Piss poor, we sticking together like (Gang)
King Kong, I'm taking drugs out my body
Insane, inside my brain and my posse

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