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Future - Fine China

[Intro: Future & Juice WRLD]
The world on drugs
Ten (Yeah) thousand dollar plates
Thousand dollar plates
Thousand dollar plates, fine china
Shorty like a, uh
Shorty like a
(Wheezy outta here)

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
Shorty like a thousand dollar plate, fine china
Tell her that she beautiful every day, I remind her
Then I jump in her pussy like a lake, I'm a diver
And her last man was a pussy, had a vagina
I get lost in her eyes, like dust from the skies
It's her body or nobody, I refuse to compromise
So if she leaves, I'ma kill her, oh, she'll die
Did I say that out loud? I'm so crazy about mine

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD]
Goin' insane, feel you pickin' up and movin' things inside my brain
I know I don't have to argue about everything
But we don't have the same soul
Would've sold yours too and got a bigger bankroll
You tell me that you love me, baby, say it again
Repeat it over and over until it's in my brain
Picked up the drugs so I let my brain go
Woulda fried yours too, but I'm selfish about my Percs, oh

“Fine China” is a reference to porcelain–a particularly beautiful Chinese ceramic material. In this song, Juice WRLD compares his girl to fine china and talks about how he loves his girl and lusts for her.

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