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Fruit Bats - Ocean

[Verse 1]
Still waiting around for some mystical shift in the winds
So honey please, don't go just yet
Cigarette fingers, a shake in the knees
A bit blue, kind of tired, but not broken

[Verse 2]
'Cause back when I needed someone you took me in
Like I was some orphan kid
And you drove me to the ocean
Then you picked me up and dipped me in
You picked me up and dipped me in

[Verse 3]
Anticipating a magical bend in the road
So hang on, take it slow
Your go-bag is packed and your hangover gone
Another dawn at the edge of the known world

[Verse 4]
Didn't see the mountains 'til the age of twenty-four
Cold, sunlit and huge
We're still just babies on the borderline
Watching it all tumble into view
Watching it all tumble into view
And I still believe that you're my ocean
Please believe that I believe that it is true
Believe me when I tell you that I do

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