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French Montana - Writing on the Wall (feat. Post Malone and Cardi B)

[Intro: French Montana, Post Malone & Cardi B]
Posty (Hahaha)
(La-la-la-la, uhh)
Ayy, uh huh

[Verse 1: French Montana]
From the block, now we're snipin' on the opps like Somalians (Uh-huh)
Egyptian cloth on my body, diamonds like 6ix9ine hair (Hair)
Now we comin' through the back, we don't go to the concierge (Yeah, hey-hey)
Now that boy run fashion, Cardi in that Fashion Nova gear (Ha)
We started the wave, now everybody lookin' the same
Tell me how you want it (Woah)
Shorty buss it down, give us the money, keep the crown
Tell me how you want it
I been around the globe in the Global Express
Ten O's in my net worth, yeah (Huh)
Neck work, then the leg work (Work)
We're the stars like the network (Work, Montana)

[Chorus: Post Malone]
You see the writing on the wall
Hold onto me and I'ma hold ya
You see the writing on the wall
I'll bring it back, bring it back, yeah

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