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French Montana - So High (feat. Curren$y)

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Penning these lyrics from a hammock
With an ounce of kush, a pack of bamboos
And an ice cream sandwich, I'm that dude
Game given to you from an OG point of view
Usually I'll sell it, but I got enough to share with you
Baby, if you cook and roll that weed, I'll be so happy with you
Fuck you so good, you'll know I'm cheating, it won't matter to you
You know how daddy do you, Spitta make them jet maneuvers
Hop out the club, don't park valet, won't get a chance to move it
I'm out before I hear the music, that's how quick them hoes be choosing
I don't call it, pussy be crawling to me
Homeboy, I don't know who did what, cause I was in the cut
Rolling tropical, sitting low as possible

[Hook: French Montana]
Relaxed in the sun, low as possible
Relaxed in the sun, low as possible
Relaxed in the sun, low as possible
Relaxed in the sun, low as possible
(Sample: Without any sun, lotus blossom don't cry)

[Verse 2: French Montana]
Shorty pussy be the meanest, I be balling all arenas
Homie high somewhere in Venus, I mean this
When I tell you that I want it, I don't need it
They be nulling the procedures, shorty yelling from the bleachers
Got me reaching like a two guard, too hard, ski mask or a suit on
Five chains, canaries help me cool off, tuned off
Camaro like Larry Flynt, block-star, rockstar
Montana Aerosmith, forty spit
Homie niggas dying, I'll be flying out
Feds on my nigga's tail, he hiding out, Montana sliding out
Baby, don't be fucking with my high, suck a nigga dry
I'll be low as possible, trying to clear my mind
Montana, bitch

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