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French Montana - Intro

Lyrics from Snippets

(Coke Boy, baby)
If your beauty I'd no longer see
Would you leave me, pretty baby?
And if I thought it best to set you free, yeah
Would you hate me?
If you would, please tell me now, so I can—

[Verse: French Montana & Stove God Cooks]
Yeah (Yeah), sellin' dope, smokin' dope (Dope)
You ain't wavy, stay afloat (Float)
Talkin' snipe, you been the G.O.A.T. (G.O.A.T.)
Jimmy Iovine in the scope (Scope)
They ain't happy we got rich, they want the blood
Tried to line me with the bitch, she fell in love
Nothin' but love, nothin' but love (Coke Boy, baby)
... we're thugs
Word to Gillie, I'm the king, I don't want to keep her
In my boxers, walkin' through your bitch crib, like Wiz Khalifa
Introduce me to the plug, turned the Bronx to ashes
Why you worried about the drugs? The stress kill us faster
You mistaken that, a tissue for success
I've been ridin' with a carbon lately, the wave like Cardi, baby
Hard to wave me, I'm the big...You might also like

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