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French Cassettes - Utah

Oh, what you don't know won't kill ya
Like what would it be like? To be like a beautiful woman?
And, oh, what you don't know, we'll make it up
Your flowers look good, as they should, but it's hardly a garden
And oh, kid you can't throw, I'm chokin' up
There's no underhand fit for a man, do you think this is funny?

Yeah, oh

Some go to Utah
Some said they knew ya
Some get a new god
Some go to Utah
Sunset-set-set, sunset-set-set

I wish I could reset the mood for you
We could do the things that we used to do
You'll know it when I go with someone
What do you mean I'm gone?
What do you mean I'm gonna stay?
What do you mean? I'm gonna be late

Oh, what you don't know won't kill ya
Some come to Utah
Some come to Utah

Oh, oh, oh, oh
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