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Free Cake For Every Creature - i wanna make you bread

[Verse 1]
I wanna make you bread, or
Do you want a cake instead?
Wanna knit you a sweater
You can wear it on your head
Gonna make you mine
We'll play checkers all the time
Read books about Malaysia
Then we'll go there when it's right

Gonna make you mine
Gonna make you mine, mine
[Verse 2]
Soon you'll email me
Nearly as much as I do you
Soon you'll take me out for tea
I don't drink coffee, what a snafu
Soon you'll see in me
Everything that I see in you
Yeah, we'll get together
Yeah, life'll rule—

[Verse 3]
Wanna hold the contents of your pockets
Wanna be your hot air balloon pilot
Wanna put my picture in your wallet
Wanna sit with you and eat

Gonna make you mine
Gonna make you mine
Gonna make you mine
Gonna make you mineYou might also like

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