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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Palmolive (Feat. Pusha T and Killer Mike)

[Intro: Freddie Gibbs]
It's gon' speak for us
It should speak for itself, you know what I mean?

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Kane season
Fucking my pastor daughter in two Jesus pieces (Yeah)
Dropping this blow on the basement floor, my Yeezys squeaking (Yeah)
Repping the fin, I pledge allegiance, undefeated
Fuck the forty acres and the mule, they gave us niggas the evils
Hot pots, spoons, and needles (Yeah)
Sold a piece of crack to polices, Mario Van Peebles (Uh)
Serving every prom queen and pookie with that vanilla smoothie (I was prom queen)
Scary Gary, my nigga, my neighborhood something like Fallujah (Yeah)
Vladimir banana clip, move with Russian collusion shooters (Uh)
Fuck a track, ho, selling that pussy on computers (Yeah)
Pimpin'll never die, Chad Butler in Heaven chuckin' deuces (Hold up)
Trunk of deuce of hard white fish, then I made a wish (Yeah)
A smoker scrubbin' down my kitchen, I'm never gon' wash a dish (Yes)
It's Mr. Clean, Pine-Sol, all Palmolive (Yeah)
These niggas don't know how hard you ridin' for they ass 'til you park it (Skrrt)
In 1998, I sold a Glock 19 chopper
2018, I'm finna reclaim my fucking time and cop the Rollie flooded
Maxine Waters, fuck your poison, keep your vaccines off us
We got a reality star in the goddamn office, quite like the Reagan days (Yeah)
Fernando said they used to move chickens in the Noriega days (Yeah)
I disrespect his name and he signed my face with a razor blade (True story, nigga)
Baby Tony, top of the family like Johnny Sacrimoni (Yeah)
Choppin' up this block white top in some Yohji Yamamotos (Uh)
Whoever kill him first gon' get promoted
Boy, I was getting away with murder before Denzel fucked Viola
Gangsta Kane

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