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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Fake Names

Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah
Mic check check check
Uh, yeah, yeah, uh
Survival of the fittest, my nigga
Check, check, check
I need a check, check, check
Bitch, uh, yeah, uh

Shit's so real, gotta use fake names
Every time I sleep, dead faces, they occupy my brain (My brain)
Erica said I never changed (Never changed)
Lifestyles of the insane

[Verse 1]
You was like a brother to me, no other to me
Swear I would trade my life for yours, I knew you was fucking with me
Found out some niggas fucked your wife and we put them bitches to sleep
Ain't going to say your government, I'ma call him by Ricky G
Now Ricky G, he had a cousin named Yella with bricks of yola
Had a Mexican that came 'cross the border to Arizona
They was getting shit for seventeen
Tossin' shit to me for twenty-eight
Bitch go for thirty-one, I barely ate
Seen them niggas frown when I started breaking that shit down
Said I need more time with them chickens, I'm out here making rounds
Jealous niggas want they twenty-eight up front now
I bought all the damn clientele, we could have ran the town
But fuck it, you cut the price, then I fly to Phoenix
Said if you ain't copping like twenty, then, cocksucker, beat it
They put Yella Boy on the evening news
Devil on my shoulder said, "Fuck friends 'cause cash rules"

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