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Foxtails - catalyst

Convalescence beckoning
To think of repose feels sickening
Identified by existential dread
Sacrifice as a virtue, instilled yet unsaid

Circumventing surrender, ascend
Rip the covers from off of this deathbed
Broken cycles pave ways to restitution
To blossom is revolution

Out of ruptures gush doubt
Indecisive and shut down
Will they ever know what they’ve done?
Do they ever think of it?
Musings and revеries
Drowned in shame
Tеll me, who’s to blame?
Tell me who to blame

Remedied by anomalies
A warmth so hallowed, a rarity
Connections so sacred to serve as
Reminders of mercy and irony

The spirit has always willed
But the flesh is traumatized
I have myself to answer for
The repetition strikes a chord
I’ve felt this all before
The repetition strikes a chord

Transfixed, held captive, I submit
Will this allow the haze to lift?

I’ll never speak again, and nothing makes sense
And I, can’t seem to take it

Refusing comfort in chokeholds
Violent conflicts tear apart the psyche
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Tell me how far I’ve come

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