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Foundation - Devotion III

From the moment we’re born
Our sun is made to set
Just how much time will you waste?
Every Rope Has Its End

We live like we’re invincible
But there’s a truth you just can’t ignore
How much of this life will be thrown away?
Every Rope Has Its End

“So It goes”
Leaves turn from green to gold
And fall back to earth, dust turned to stone
And back to dust
Every last sea will merely be salt
Bone white grains tumble through the glass
The end lives in us all waiting for time
To breath out so why
Would we shorten the thread
When there's so many mountains to conquer
Bridges to burn
Hearts to mend
And enemies
Left to crush!

There’s a pine box with my name
There is a plot for you and me
There will be no more hurt
No more sadness
No more uncertainty
There will be no more hope
No more love
No more devotion
No more us
No more length to grasp
No more [?]
Every rope has its end!

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