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Foster the People - Life on the Nickel

Yet again I'm hustling (x3)
But I can't seem to catch a dime
Take a little hit and I lose the time

I took the man and his horse
And ran before he looked up
I said the light's gonna change
But I'm calm and feeling warm
And now I'm sticking out my hands
And feeling weightless again

You got to push, got to shove
I've got to eat before they eat me
Got the crown and the cup
I've got to write to my family
And say, "I'm calm and feeling warm."
I'm not quite there, but I'm close
And it's a world of difference

I've got the worst all behind me
Yeah, they'll never be able to find me
I'm the king of the city
I'm a roach and they're all primates
This is meal time
Real life
I'm not gonna fight
No, I'm not gonna start a war

I've been right
I've been wrong
My smokes have come and gone
I've been crazy
Been fed enough to not wind up dead
And I'm lonely
My eyes have been closed to the world
Cause the world's got nothing for me

The song is about a homeless person getting by on what he had, struggling and fighting daily for his life, but still having fun with it. “I live a block and a half away from Skid Row and it’s about a homeless guy and the dichotomy about how homeless people are living in the most humble circumstances, and yet sometimes they have the biggest ego’s ever. I’ve walked up to so many homeless people like, ‘hey want some food?’ and it’s not even touched but they open it up and are like ‘I don’t like mango!’ and I’m like ‘What? Aren’t you hungry?’” transcribed from x

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