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Foster the People - Lamb's Wool

[Verse 1]
It's hard to look into your eyes
Knowing it might be the last time
The spaces in between our breaths
They're singing to the infinite

Sudden changes make the air uncomfortable
I'll hold you so you're not alone

When I'm quiet on the other side
Know that I'm loving you, that's all I do
Is keep loving you
You're fine, my love, never mind 'cause I'm here
I keep laughing to myself
I'm so in love with loving you, that's all I do
Is keep loving you
Where things will change, but I'll always be the same

[Verse 2]
The silence is a lonely thing
Waiting for a sound to fall
A lullaby to calm our sleep
The promise of another world

“Lamb’s Wool” is about the life and death of a loved one. When producer/bandmate Isom first came to frontman Mark Foster with the piano idea and beat, Foster felt that it was already soaked in so much emotion and feeling. He stated in an Instagram post: "It was all there. When he told me it was inspired by the life and death of his grandmother, that stuck a cord with me, and the chorus lyrics came." Foster continues: "When my uncle Mike got sick last year, I revisited the idea and the rest of the words poured out. What came of it was a conversation between me, my uncle, and god. A three part perspective on life, death, and what waits on the other side. I felt it was honoring to keep the concept that inspired Isom’s original idea. This became a healing salve for us to honor the people we’ve loved, and lost. The best part for me was getting to play the demo for my uncle when the lyrics were finished. It was a special gift for me to communicate my love for him the best way I know how — through this song."

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