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Flatbush ZOMBiES - This Is It

[Hook: Erick Arc Elliott]
All you fools just sound the same
Ain’t no credit to your name
Ain’t no credit line open, that’s discrediting the fame
Form your business in the name, something unique like a slang
Make a difference, make a change
But ain’t no puppets on a string
Don’t be chilling on the couch, remember this is for the clout
Remember this is for the poor niggas that’ll represent you when you’re out
Forget you when you need your friends, fuck it we just meet again (why)
All my niggas need a plan, cos all my niggas need to win

[Verse 1: Zombie Juice]
Always was a winner even when I wasn’t 'posed to
The money getting bigger as if it wasn’t supposed to
Just a lonely nigga, talk too much to myself, need a break
On July 8th broke down heaven’s gates
Now I stay high all day
Fuck you leaving, fuck all evening
Call me mister fuck all day
Trap all day and night
Don’t need a house much less you ‘bout some change
Expand my conscious, tryna’ walk on water
Feel the earth on me
You hatin’, I’ll be somewhere slayin’ bitches by their face on me
Catch a fade, Kobe, with an eighth on me
Not phased, don’t pass that shit homie
Cough, smoke, cough, got my shit sealed off
‘Bout to put some in the air, ‘til a nigga doze off
Cos you got some shrooms, I got a room
You and me ‘til we reach the moon
Never wore a disguise, love the skin I’m in
You trade your soul for fame, we ain’t built the same

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