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Fit for a King - Warpath

[Verse 1]
You can break me down
You can bury me alive
I will always stand for this
And what good are my hands if they don't fight back?
I refuse to let this die
This is my everlasting purpose
I will be the end of your lies

[Verse 2]
You call me out
Expecting me to stand still
You hold me down
Thinking I will give in to you
You may live your life in the shadow of doubt
But that's not where I will lay my head to rest

They say their words
But nothing breaks the surface
(Yet you say you believe)
We lay our heads down
For something empty
(We must be the enemy)

My words may cut like daggers
But I wasn't put here to keep my thoughts inside
I am the enemy
I am the enemy
I am the enemy

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