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Fetty Wap - My Way (feat. Monty)

[Intro: Fetty Wap]
Ayy, yeah, baby
Squaaa, ayy, ayy

[Hook: Fetty Wap]
Baby, won't you come my way?
Got something I want to say
Cannot keep you out my brain
But first off I'ma start by sayin' this, ayy
All headshots if you think you could take my bitch, ayy
And I'm too turnt, when I shoot, swear I won't miss, ayy
Ba-Baby, won't you come my way?
Baby, won't you come my way?

[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
This is something you should know
I don't ever chase no hoes
I spotted you, you had that glow
Watch me pull out all this dough
Take you where you want to go
Flexin' on your ex, I know
He ain't ever take you out
Barely even left your house
How dare that nigga run his mouth
When his pockets in a drought?
The last single he put out
Didn't even make it out
And he dumb as hell and I swear his ass don't think, ayy
If he disrespect, two shots and I won't blink, ayy
Never really cared what the fuck these niggas think, ayy
I got deep pockets, I swear my shit's on sink, ayy
And he mad as fuck, big ZooWap all she sing, ayy
And he mad as fuck, big ZooWap in her dreams, ayy
Well, he mad as fuck, when they sex she scream for me, ayy
Big ZooWap what these niggas should be, ayy

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