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Felly - This Shit Comes in Waves

[Verse 1: Felly]
Yeah, yeah
I'm bipolar, that's to say the least, yeah
Won't die sober, you know that's a reach for
Thousand feelings in me breaking free, Lord
But all I ever wanted was to be
I cop a chain, it still don't look like me, ayy
Look for my father, say he rest in peace
I see more than dollar signs, got bigger dreams, yeah
I think about it when I'm overseas
This shit comes in waves
This shit comes in waves [4x]
Ah, said I got waves for you
Yeah, I got waves [2x]

[Verse 2]
Pressure on the way and it don't ever change
My homie said the same, I think he feel my pain
Riding in L.A. up on that interstate, yeah
Smoking all my problems, that's the great escape
These people throw me dollars to get on the stage
But I don't always feel like I should conversate
I throw on a face and hide behind these shades
But still I be okay, you know all gon' be straight
I'm so good at faking smiles it should get me a job
Open up them vials, but be cautious, bruh
I can't make amends between The Devil and God
But Imma ride the waves, you know I got this, bruh

This shit comes in waves
This shit comesYou might also like

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