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Felly - Pretty Girl

[Verse 1]
Controllin' my thoughts (Ugh)
Stroll in my troubled mind
All of my wants (Ugh)
All of my stubborn pride
Don't mind once
I ain't had sober mind in like nine months (Ugh)
Pretty girl
Won't you move up north and see New York City girl
But she comin' from the beach so she miserable
No I can't help her no mo', no no no no no
No I can't help her, yeah
Blood sheddin’
Blood shed on my bed and this no love lesson
Girl I'm only one fella, I don’t love tension
But I love attention
Call me when you done stressin'
Heart weighin' so heavy (Ahh)
Away I'm ghost
I’ll wait for you
I don' play it smooth (Aha)
You don’t want no smoke
When the top down I drop down like dog town and ride to you
(Uh, Uh)

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