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Famous Last Words - The Show Must Go On Prt. 1

I must accept these consequences for my actions
When all I did was what the world told me I should do
And do anything for my dreams, if only I knew
The cost of my dreams, AKA "you," would be you
I'm dead now
The nightmare is slowly taking over
All that's happened, it is enabling him
To take exactly what he wants
Until he gets what he desires
We'll be at his whim

My inner demon, he is screaming at me, "Take her now
This is your only chance, won't get another, don't let me down
Don't fucking whine, the deed is done, you'll be just fine
So you want true romance?
Throw the dice, take a chance"

[Verse 1]
Why won't you let me in? Just let me in
We'll masquerade this awkward phase that we're stuck in
If you accept me and forever be by my side
Remember what I said? Every day's a new sunrise
So let's just act, pretend like this never happened
I'm your arcane guardian, just let me in

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