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Expire - Just Fine

Everything is going fine
Going off without a hitch
But soon enough you'll find
That life's a fucking bitch
Because the facts are cold and hard
The needle point is sharp
A picture is worth a thousand words
And a pretty face is worth a thousand broken hearts
How much further can shit go south?
Before I want to put a gun in my mouth
Before I take these thoughts and I act them out
And put it all to an end
Can I leave that blood on the hands of my friends?
Can I leave that scar on the name of my kin?
Where? How? and When?
Everything to lose
And nothing all the same
Do I leave a legacy?
Or do they forget my name?
Way too much to chew
For what is now just a thought
Hold tight and brace myself
For the day that is not
And when I leave this Earth
Try not to be so hurt

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