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Excuse 17 - The Drop Dead Look

What's the matter with you?
Do as you want me to do
They always said you were the clever sentimentalist
Sensitive, seductive, and easy to tease
No fair
Pull out your hair
You know they like you better on your knees

Don't be such a baby
I only like you 'cause I know you're gonna make me
Big, so big
Legendary protege
You know they like me when I have nothing to say, yeah

What's the matter with you?
Make me a product of you
They always said you were the fascinating mystery
Shaped into the right size for their hands
To touch, to mold, to shape until they have control
You know they like girls better when they're dead

The code is discretion
No one know it is I don't tell them
Your rules, your game
The things you do to make me tame
And then you say
That you're gonna change, yeah yeah

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