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Excuse 17 - I'd Rather Eat Glass

I’ve run out of nice things to say
I get so tired of playing it safe
Say what? You respect me a lot
What’s it to you? Is this what you expect me to do?
You say what?
What do I mean? What do I mean?
Did I do and say ‘that’s fucked up’?
You know it’s true
Changed my mind, I guess that’s fine
This is what I was supposed to do
Words you use to try and alienate
You talk so big you put me in my place
We’ve been running around
Some tales to be found
I’ve found a door
We’ve got some dialogue to do
I say that, everything that comes out of my mouth has been said a lot
You know it’s true, talking in circles is all that we do
I’d rather eat glass, gonna’ be in your ass

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