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Every Time I Die - Ebolarama

Boys, shoot to thrill, from the hip
This time we put the "act" in action
We've tricked the pigs into thinking
That this auction is a pageant

In no time there will be makeup on our new set of cutlery
The livestock is star struck
They're all salivating like ravenous cartoons
Goddamn animal
You'd better watch where you spit

Squeal like soft music
If it helps, we'll dim the lights on the floor
Neon bulbs are the cosmetics of swine
Everybody looks quite dazzling
Trussed up in their formal attire
You'd make a great secret if I could keep you
But we all spill our guts

We're locked and loaded
Drip fed and bloated
Our trigger fingers snagged
In the mouse trap of the moment

Turn the lights off on us
Like a moth left in the cold
In the dark, begging for more

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