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Everglow - Adios

Ah 나 ah 나

[Verse 1]
‘안녕’이란 말이 no no
만날 때 하는 인사뿐이니? No no
상황 파악 안되지? Yeah yeah
안 보이게 숨으라는 뜻, 그만 사라지란 뜻

셋 셀 테니 어서 빨리 서둘러 yeah, yeah
변명거린 거기까지 충분해 blah, blah
더 가능하면 아주 멀리 떠나줬으면 해
I just wanna let you know 내 두 눈에 띄지 않게

왜 넌 날 작아지게 해
난 늘 널 맴돌기만 해
왜 넌 날 슬퍼지게 해
처음부터 주인공은 나였어야 해

Goodbye, au revoir, adios (What?)
Goodbye, au revoir, adios (Yeah)
Goodbye, au revoir, adios (Shh)
Goodbye, au revoir, adios

‘Adios’ is the second track and title track of EVERGLOW’s second single album, HUSH. Released on August 19th, 2019, it was EVERGLOW’s first comeback ever following the release of their debut single album ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW 5 months prior. The song explores themes of self-confidence and the road of success. "We’re the protagonists, so everyone be quiet. It means that we’re confidently going to walk our own path... When we first heard [Adios], we knew it was the one. We picked it as the title track because we wanted many people to enjoy listening to it," the members stated during the album’s release showcase The track failed to chart on South Korea’s Gaon Digital 200, however achieved overwhelming international success. The song peaked #2 on the US World Songs Chart, and #74 on the K-Pop Hot 100. This worldwide attention is still seen in the music video’s performance, still sitting at over 170 million views following its release over 4 years ago. On Sept 24, EVERGLOW got their first ever music show win on ‘The Show’ with Adios. They earned a total of 7,861, beating Dreamcatcher’s ‘Deja Vu’, with 7,850, by a close 11 points. Though this win didn’t occur without controversy, due to SBS’s incorrect math of the results, making Dreamcatcher the actual winner of the trophy. SBS never responded to these claims, and EVERGLOW still possesses their first win trophy to this day.