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End - Eden Will Drown

The blood of the lamb
Runs red in comparison
To a sacred scapegoat
Clawing out of their own grave

Eden will drown and the ash will turn to tar
Collecting in the lungs of the exiled
A soulless descent from the kingdom of heaven
Disfigured by the stale embrace of saints

I mark myself for sacrifice
I mark myself for sacrifice
Martyred by my own will
A savior wears my skin
Martyred by my own will
As the sky is consumed by sin

Hammering nails
Through my hands
With the base
Of my skull

Hammering nails (Hammering nails)
Through my hands (Through my hands)
With the base (With the base)
Of my skull (Of my skull)

Repentance rains from above
To cleanse an impure paradise
Sheltered by an open door
And deafened by the cries of man as I welcome the storm

Offering what’s left of my soul

Possessed, serpents sink their teeth
Drink from the neck of god: Eden will drown

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