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End It - Hatekeeper

You say you're keeping the faith
Then let's get busy
A fearless vampire killer you don't convince me
This way of life it has consumed us with time
You gave up, you dropped out, our paths don't align
Didn't have it inside
Who are you to point the blame?
Wanna change the rules, but never played the game
I said who are you
To sow the seed of doubt
Just a last ditch effort
Better make it count before your time runs out
I never asked for your opinions or permission
You look down upon the world like it was built for your derision
Fuck you
Sent here to compromise, apropriate, spread your lies
Claimed to be an ally, you're the enemy that I despise
Now you don't show your face
You're gone without a trace
We never knew you anywayYou might also like

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