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Empty Handed - Stay

If this is what rain on my skin feels like
I want to feel it forever, again and again
I thought it through: the same terrifying scenes in front of my closed eyes

I know I can’t change anything of this but I want you to untie the knot that holds me to the ground
Now I know, I am lost without you

It’s damn true, I feel so useless without you
I watched my dreams die too many times
Please not this time
I promise I will never ever beg again, if you decide to hold my hand
My expectations will always stay memories of failures

That’s why I wish you won’t stay a line in a song, but a part of my life
All my time, I spend waiting and waiting for a light like you
Your appearance shines brighter than everything I’ve ever seen

You’d say I was looking for someone to fall in love
The fucking truth be told I was just searching myself
What a beautiful problem
What a beautiful nothing

[Now it’s me, on my knees
Alone and scared: I still hate these nights ]2x
You mean everything to me and you could change the way I am, as I would fucking let you do it

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