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Empty Handed - Fiveeighteen

I let go of every moment, I let go of every memory, I let go of everything I used to share with you
I rather chose to have no heart, instead of having a broken one
And If you come now, and if you come back home, I won’t be there waiting for you, just like I always said, just like I always did
We are done, there’s no way back
And As you see our dreams never lead us anywhere

For all the let downs I just swallowed, for all the conversations we just skipped, we could have it all if we gave it all

These taking back sunday songs keep killing what’s left inside
You opened my eyes, to show what you’re about to destroy
I hope when you’re drowning, there’s no one to reach your hand
Take your honest job and your honest friends and fuck your honest life


Remember that day when you called me full of tears
I should have hung up to finally forget you
One day you will be honest to yourself and you will miss the times we had

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