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Employed To Serve - Owed Zero

This skin is thick
All the shots you fire ricochet
No time for the naysayers
Because I won't wait for mediocrity to be my saving grace

So why settle for anything less than what I really want?
I won’t be a part of a generation content with a sold out dream
No want for tomorrow, bored of living

You're owed zero
Owed nothing, take everything

And I've seen it happen to the best of us
Sometimes you forget that your hearts beating
If you listen carefully you can hear it screaming

You’re owed zero

What's the point in waiting?
Don't be laid to rest without a legacy to leave behind

Owed nothing, take everything

Your life is a temporary bandage on a permanent wound
Keep on paving the way on the dull life you lead to find a mirror with a grim reflection
Staring back with its black teeth and hollow eyes that try to tell you something
You should have noticed years ago, the world owes you zero


I will build my own path
That's my birth rightYou might also like

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