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Emphatic - Bounce

Bounce bounce come on baby...
Bounce bounce come on baby...

Verse 1:
I don't care about a thing as long as I get to you
Cause I like your back tat smackin' that is all that I want to do to you
So come on over baby girl
Let me give you a ride, ride, ride a ride
Let me kiss your sweet lips
You know that I'll do you right all night

Pre Chorus:
By the way you've been lookin at me
I can see that you want it
Come and get it

Bounce bounce
Ya' know I love the way you
Bounce bounce yea, so come on baby
Abuse me, ya' know I love the way you
Ya' know I love the way you do me dirty

Verse 2:
I like your black dress with your hair a mess you're the only one
Cause I think your hot show me what you got don't stop
Pop lock drop that girl you got that

Pre chorus:
The time has come to take it off
And give it up, I can never get enough... Oh yea...
(I need to feel you bounce)...

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