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Emil Bulls - Style School

Welcome to Style School Freshman
No Family Values and no hooking up with you
Can you see you falling oh no I
Won't catch you
I wish I could but I've got some lectures to do enrole
Now and I will see you through
Here comes the style school
You got up to late again
You fool you have been missing class again
Bad Habit a Bad Habit
Your chasing the rabbit ? Biting your own tail (A bad habit)
Oh I feel ?. You want some more
Once again you crawl
Across the floor
You're not worth seeing my face
Behind this mask
Is there a Train to pull that you can do without
Is there a bull on this
Planet that won't make you bitch around
Get off my back or do you like to be kicked
When you're on the Ground god you're makin' me sick
Style School you're not gonna graduate
You fool you gotta get educated quit askin what is it what
What they've got uh that I
Have not chasing the rabbit?sitting on the spot
Oh I feel ?
You little creep it's not good to be like me
But now feel me and breathe me again
Oh furthermore I'm just the singer in this band

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