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Ekali - Babylon (feat. Denzel Curry)

Envious, everyone actin' so frivolous
Jealousy, I can read it with telepathy
You making me sick, you making me sick
I-I-I might run up on a nigga and—

[Verse 1]
It is the ultimate Myrmidon
From the land, which is the city of Babylon
Dreads in my hairs, don’t confuse me for Cinnamon
I'm one of a kind, as I grow like a Digimon
When I'm evolving, not many books
Many revolvers, no problem solving
Illegal tendencies, infinite symphonies
Illustrate misery, living on infamy
Infamous Lord
If you come back from the dead, you will go back to the morgue
I'll hunt you like Sun Tzu, so better be humble
Don't make me, I'm Wesley in the Art of War
Soar, synonym, you will be flying
Truth, antonym, I won't be lying
Bruh, ain't no hakuna matata
'Cuz, you shouldn't fuck with a lion

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