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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below

I was only five
When my dad told me I’d die
I cried as he said "son
There is nothing could be done"
Now all the fists I thrown
Just trying to prove him wrong
After all the blood I spilled
Just trying to get killed

Cause I’ve already suffered
I want you to know God
I’m riding on hell’s hot flames
Coming up from below

Herowind and rain
They're blowing out my window pain
Drugs drugs drug me down
Killing light killing sound


Far from below – how high can we go

To all the love I lost – hey just trying to play boss
To all those friends I hurt – I treated em like dirt
And all those words I spewed – Nothing sacred nothing true!
To all these Ghosts I turn – I’m ready now to Burn!

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