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Earl Sweatshirt - MTOMB (feat. Liv.e)

So, so we, so we did it?
Yeah, yeah

Pray for the people
I make up the easel first, then paint what I see through
The maze, I'm an eagle, spend a day up at the creek
We got the same amount of heat too, but they not as regal
Crudités not gon' cut it, cut it slight
Braids brought out my eyes
I saw a light, I was nine
Told my nigga Miles we might gon' be aight
Guess I was right, twenty-five was a quarter to life
I'm on it, I strike, trials
Tricknolog' you fond of, I don't even like
The socialite reformed, alone every night
Post-performance, dizzy in the corner, boy, it wasn't nice
Learnin' how to get grimy
Pick a pole to grab and flip
Ho, we gon' shake something now
I got some time this year
I'ma go ten rounds and dip out, what time is it?
Mami Wata, shawty blew the fish out
Piscean just like my father, still got bones to pick out
For now let's salt the rims and pour a drink out
And sip (Mmh)

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