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Duwap Kaine - Tweak

(Ayy, Nine9 really kickin' shit, you heard?)
(Nine9 made it)

I'm in YSL with the gang
For my jeans I just spent the whole thang
I can take your bitch by a blink
I love weed, we together, yeah, we sync
Used to wear my Cuban link, now I got VVs in my chain
I'm not worried 'bout no bitch nor am I worried about a lame
Bein' broke or bein' sad, that's two things I can't claim
Finna hop up in this 'Rari, I can't travel by them trains
My Bimmer all white, Selena Gomez
Bitches run their mouth, y'all be some whole feds
Braids in my hair, I don't fuck with the dreads
I got ADHD but I don't take meds
Only thing I care about is gettin' straight to the bread
You don't gotta listen or give a fuck 'bout what I said
'Cause as long as I get money you know I'ma get ahead
I'm a young rich nigga, you a broke boy instead
Gas get you so high you can't remember me
Saint Laurent on my jeans, I know you envy me (Uh)
When I'm smoking on this dope, I lose my energy (Uh)
I be flexin' way too hard, my wristband Louis V
My wristband Louis V, part of my accessory
I'm the hood dispensary
I smoke dope, fuck Hennessy
Walk out the spot and you know I'm finna be flee (Uh)
Skrrt-skrrt in that Bimmer even though it's an SUV
I don't really give a damn if you fuck with me
I just wanna get this money, I just wanna do me
I keep buyin' YSL, yeah, it stay with me
Fell in love with them hundreds, man, I know you can see
Fell in love with designer, put the Coach on my feet
Bitch, you know I get money, I ain't buyin' nothin' cheap
And I'm flexin' so hard, flexin' now as I speak
With the gang, with my niggas, bitch, you know we gon' tweakYou might also like

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