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Duwap Kaine - Shopping Spree

That bitch popping pussy for a shopping spree
That bitch popping pussy for a shopping spree
You ain't spending more than ten, you can't shop with me
My niggas think you sweet, they plan a robbery
Sixteen, seventeen kept a Glock with me
These niggas out here looking, yeah, real sweet
You are not just yelling nigga, I got real beef
This chopper done made more beats than chief keef
I'm with Kaine, but I'm rocking Alexander McQueen
You wouldn't spend over a hunnid, you don't really like lean (you don't like it)
Tris and some Wock, that excite me
This bitch freaky and she got some panties that say 'bite me'
But all this money in my pocket, it ain't gonna like me
All this hate, all this anger, this just how his life be
Look like Doe Boy in these forces and a white tee
All these colors in my chain, like I'm Ice T
This the wock, this the purp, it's tryna fight me
My bitch tryna beat me up, think she-
Cartier's on my fucking eyes, nigga I can see
I'm the flyest nigga in the world you gonna ever meet
If I'm tryna stack a m' why the fuck you think I need sleep
Stop making all that noise cus that choppa put that boy to sleep
This SRT is spinnin', I'm in Atlanta lookin' for a happy ending
You know why I love women, yuh, until they start bitching
'Til they start telling their feelings
I got my nigga with me third wheeling
The way that I'm taking care of my niggas the same way I'm taking care of my children
Man you tryna save that bitch, I'm tryna save up a million
I need a scientist bitch, while I'm hot, she calling me brilliant
I hate when I got no lean because my body got the itches
You know I'm a fiend for them licks, I get to trippin'
I was robbing anybody, I ain't care about no attention
Was robbing anybody, didn't care about nobody spending
I'm in love with Christmas, but I'm on the block grinchin'
You a little fucking [?], sit back and count up my spinach
Military sticks, I ain't nothing but a lieutenant
And I like foreign whips, ain't none of these shits be rented
Tell the police imma be good, I ain't tryna finish no sentence
Hit me with probation, I swear those crackers trippin'
Catching niggas acting bad, yeah, they do that for a living
I really do not get it, that cannot get my attention
You want respect with that badge, nigga, I don't respect no snitchin'
These police officers is equivalent to womenYou might also like

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