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Duwap Kaine - Outside

(Made in China)

High as—High as hell, I don't move sober
Chop—Chopper hit him, he gon' move over
Bust a jugg on some lean, had me movin' slow
I love bustin' juggs, what's your cardholder?
Pull up on my ex, that bitch said she wanna start over
Pull up to your mama house, she said she got a star over
Gang—Gangland, they don't know you
Lil' bitch, I don't know you neither
Family Guy, I'm Peter
Pourin' a four in a two-liter
In this house like the housekeepers, uh
You know that I'm the Grim Reaper, uh
Turned your bitch to an eater, yeah
Need my stripes, I'm a zebra
Off of the dope, I'ma turn to a creature, uh
Sippin' on drank, bitch, you know it's not Easter
You hittin' my line, yeah, you know she a cheater
Flex on a bitch, I don't need her
Ayy, countin' up cake, I'll flex
Smokin on dope, I got stress
She like the way that I dress
Fuck 12, nah, I can't confess, mmm, ayy
All of my hundreds is wet, I make all my money stretch, ayy
Bitch, I am high in the sky, high in the sky like a jet
Lookin' at your bitch, she say I'm mean muggin'
And you talkin' shit but that don't mean nothing
With the gang, on the block, yeah, I been thuggin'
And I will take your shit, not to be trusted
12 ask me questions but my shoulders shruggin'
And I was serving you chicken, not the chicken nugget
Ayy, countin' up chicken, no Popeyes
In the foreign when I ride
Fuck being inside, bitch, I'm outside
All my niggas outside
2 Chainz, I be riding, I be outside
All my niggas outsideYou might also like

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