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Duwap Kaine - I Can't Help It

I can't help but- (900)
I can't help but-

[Verse 1]
I can't help it
Bitch you can't touch my cup 'cause I'm selfish
Smokin' that dope, and I know you can smell that
Tell you street shit, you better not go tell that
Holla at yo' bitch, and she yelled back
How you smoke that shit? You can't sell that
Fuck them Adderalls, where the percs at?
She love me, she say I look better in person
I gave her that dick, she cursin'
[?] then wrote it in cursive
I can tell when your pockets hurtin'
Benihibachi, how I'm servin' (I can't help but)
Reach for that flame, and make 'em nervous
I cut her up, he had no purpose
Remix the song, make my version
High lurk on this block, I'm the lurkman (I can't help but)
Came from the block, yeah the dirt man
Nobody feel me, and it hurt, man
Going through shit, I just skrrt, man
Need a painkiller, so just call a yerk man (I can't help but)
Wake up them birds, they chirp, man
Two cup shawty, I'm sippin' that syrup, man
She said that I'm different, so I just say, "And?"
She said "You unique and I roll with you man" (I can't help but)
This her birthday so she makin' plans
You can plan to come talk 'bout my mans
Go to LA and chill with Kankan
Each day I wake up, you know I expand (I can't help but)
Smoke that dope, it ain't never enough
Up that gas, does he think that he tough?
If I up, I ain't callin' a bluff
Hollow tips hit him like a turkey, he got stuffed (I can't help but)
My pockets are fat, Mrs. Puff
Her pussy tight, like a bad officer with handcuffs
Fucked that bitch, and she likin' it rough
My childhood man, that shit it was rough (I can't help but)
Still got hollow tips, fuck if you buff
In Detroit, with diamonds on my bluffs
Smoke the strain, I don't care if it's diss
Smoke the strain, I don't care if it got a lil' fluff (I can't help but)
From the south, so I'm throwin' it up
She throw 4's, so I'm beatin' it up
Why you ask? I got lean in my- (Uh, uh)
Why you askin'? You know I got lean in these two double cups (I can't help but)
New York bitch do her dance she get- (Uh)
She get sturdy, she fucking it up
I pull up, to this lil' bitch house
'Fore I fuck, let me pull my things up (I can't help but)
'Fore I fuck, let me pull my chains up
Okay, and now she get naked
Okay, and now she get freaky
Forever a freak, Tony, free Leaky (I can't help but)
So high, I ain't even reached my peaky
Runnin' from the dip, she hide and seeking
I hop on that bitch, get her tweaking
Big .45, that bitch getting hitten (I can't help but)
You put a bag on my head, but I missed it
You caught a bounty, but it feel like you didn't
Everyday, it's a GTA mission
Catch an opp, how the fuck is he missin'? (I can't help but)
Fire, fire (Damn)
Fire, fire, fire, fire (900)
I can't help but

Up this Glock, but can't diss on the dead
Up this Glock, but can't diss-, up this Glock, but can't diss on the dead (I can't help but)
Up this Glock, but can't diss on the dead
Up this Glock, but can't diss-, up this Glock, but can't diss on the deadYou might also like

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