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Duwap Kaine - Earl Sweatshirt


Damn, got a white girl on a white girl
Whip this shit, gotta give it a whirl
Stupid bitch, I can't give you the world
Don't let me have a lil' boy or a girl
I'll make 'em smart and I'ma teach 'em how to pearl
She said, "Should I get straight or curls?"
I'm in my mind I'm like it's greater girls
Know I'm fucked up, tryna adapt to the world
Like some hair, man, you can get curled
Spin your block, and we left your block swirled
You broke as fuck, I'm like what in the world?
Glock it hold nothing but [?]
Your bitch lame, she a fuckin' bird
Where the opps? Man, I gotta observe
We shootin' shit, givin' 'em what they deserve
Taraji, how she get on my nerves
Forgiatos, when I go out and swerve
Your bitch, man, I swear that bitch irk
I'm a celebrity so I don't gotta serve
My niggas got time they gotta serve
Big Glock if a problem occur
The grip on the Glock so firm
Y'all lyin' 'bout bodies, we got it confirmed
Tool on you, man, you work and learn
In my trap nigga now I serve the trap
I'm destined, you gotta discern
Glock up, tryna take what I earn
Next thing you like "Damn, my arm burn"
Next thing you know, you need armor
Makin' a play at the concert
Keep a stick, Lil Uzi Vert
Bad bitch on me turnt
Seein' too many hoes, gotta flirt (That's crazy)
My ex bitch too burnt
Got a bad bitch and a cougar
She's a cool girl
We in 2020, it's a new world
They like, "Damn, Duwap, you got a new girl?"
It's just me and the bros
It's a real nigga world
Gucci sweatshirt, so I feel like Earl

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